Revitalizing Catholic Schools

Revitalizing Catholic Schools – an O’Meara Ferguson Whitepaper – January 4, 2012 There are many reasons given for the increasing financial challenges facing our Catholic Schools, but few, if any, solutions are provided to give hope. Often, the idea of a healthy, vibrant Catholic school system is considered something of the past. Likewise, most plans […]


Tertium Quid: A Third Thing

Tertium Quid – Vol. 1, Issue 1 – March 16, 2010 (printable version) Life and Faith teach us that a thing, especially if its purpose is in praise of God, is always greater than the sum of its parts. This is sometimes difficult to see at first, so God, who knows us so well, chooses […]


"Development, Financing and Catholic Education in a Turbulent Economy" – O’Meara Ferguson 2009 summer conference

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Plymouth, MI, Aug 10, 2009 – The O’Meara Ferguson 2009 summer conference, Development, Financing and Catholic Education in a Turbulent Economy, begins today and will continue through Wednesday, August 12. The conference will feature more than 20 speakers from various Church and secular organizations including the Archdiocese of Chicago, Archdiocese of Louisville, Goldman Sachs, Harvard […]