August 10, 2009 – “Development, Financing and Catholic Education in a Turbulent Economy” – O’Meara Ferguson 2009 summer conference

Plymouth, MI, Aug 10, 2009 – The O’Meara Ferguson 2009 summer conference, Development, Financing and Catholic Education in a Turbulent Economy, begins today and will continue through Wednesday, August 12. The conference will feature more than 20 speakers from various Church and secular organizations including the Archdiocese of Chicago, Archdiocese of Louisville, Goldman Sachs, Harvard University, Moody’s Investor Service, Oppenheimer & Co., and William Blair & Company.

The conference, hosted at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI, will provide a framework for sharing best practices, developing practical solutions, learning from real (recent) situations and stimulating a healthy dialogue amongst participants and hosts alike.

“We live in challenging and turbulent economic times, which increases the importance of exercising good stewardship over the temporal resources of the Church to enable the accomplishment of the Church’s mission,” O’Meara Ferguson chairman and CEO Jack Whelan said. “Our firm is committed to serving the Church and helping her become a better steward of her temporal resources and we present this conference as an opportunity for Church leadership to learn about practical approaches that have benefited their peers.”