(podcast) When Giving to the Church is the Result of Coercion

Patrick O’Meara, President and Founder of O’Meara, Ferguson, Whelan, and Conway speaks of the dangers of coercion in this podcast. He states, “In Mission Advancement it is easy to use coercion to facilitate gifts, and such coercion takes many forms: guilt, building a false sense of obligation to a community, exerting pressure, creating a false community from which they fear exclusion, and others. Regardless of the method, coercion destroys that which it seeks, namely the mission of the Church to build the Kingdom of God and is equally destructive of the individual’s self donation to Christ.”

For Pat O’Meara, asking a donor to give a gift is to invite that person to do something eminently personal, for giving to the Church is “in the highest form, the incarnation of an individual’s self donation to Christ.”

For a complementary presentation of this topic in written form, please see Pat’s essay entitled “Giving — The Incarnation of One’s Self Donation to Christ: The Authentic Disposition of the Giver.”

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