(podcast) O’Meara Ferguson Responds to the Global Financial Crisis – Exclusive Interviews

In October 2008, as the U.S. and the world began to confront the current financial crisis, O’Meara Ferguson hosted two separate client conference calls with two leading and very different financial institutions – William Blair and Deutsche Bank.

Both financial institutions first read prepared remarks discussing the emerging crisis and their opinions as to the various causes, and were then interviewed by Pat O’Meara and Carlos de Quesada respectively. At the conclusion of each call, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions. As the economic crisis began to unfold, this economic briefing provided listeners with a real-time update on the credit markets and an assessment on the impact on Diocese’s and religious communities’ financing, fund-raising, and development efforts.

Deutsche Bank: Conference call features Joe LaVorgna, Chief US Economist ; Patrick Marsh, Head of Municipal Structuring; Ethan Parks, Head of Municipal Research; and Ron Vandenhandel, Head of Municipal Sales

William Blair: Conference call features David Morrison, Principal; and Jim McKinney, Principal and Manager of Fixed Income


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